Car Owners Can Use Soda To Get Rid Of Molds On Their Windshields

Dust, dirt, rainwater can accumulate and cause mold on the windshield. The molds on the windshield are indeed one thing that is annoying and also dangerous. In addition to making the car look dirty when seen from the outside, mold also blocks the driver’s view. If the mold content on the windshield is quite severe, it certainly endangers the driver. In order to prevent this, you can be diligent in cleaning the car after it is driven by wiping its windshield. Additionally, if you accidentally damage your windshield, we suggest you bring your car to the most trusted company of auto glass near me.

However, what if the windshield is moldy already? If you are lazy to clean it yourself can go to the garage to be polished. However, actually, cleaning the windshield of mold in the house is easy, you know!

Clean the glass from mold can use soft drinks to tobacco. Soft drinks that you usually find in the mini-market or stall can also be used to clean the molds.

Before pouring soda on the moldy glass, you must first clean the windshield with a clean dry cloth. Then use a new cloth and pour soda into the cloth.

Put the glass that has been poured soda into the windshield slowly. Do this so many times that the molds do not stick to the windshield anymore.

In addition to soft drinks, recalcitrant mold on the windshield can also be cleaned using tobacco. The trick, soak dry tobacco in water. The water used should be cold water without boiling first.

No need to also mix the water with soap or other cleaning fluid because it can affect tobacco water. Soak the tobacco for 10-15 minutes.

Before using tobacco water, clean the windshield with wiper water and wait for it to dry. After drying, pour the tobacco soaking water into the moldy glass. Rub repeatedly until the molds in the glass is gone.

If the windshield is clean from mold, don’t forget to take care of your car again. For example by diligently cleaning after the car is exposed to rain or it can also park the car in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

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