Consistency Is Necessary For Good UI Designs

In developing the user interface, consistency in the interface can help users to understand patterns. From one interface, they can learn what the buttons, tabs, icons, and various elements are in the interface. If they later find a similar interface, they can understand what the elements are in that interface. That way, they can do things faster and learn new features faster. A professional ui ux designer Sydney will never forget to add the element of consistency when he designs a website or software.

Without consistency, people will need to readapt themselves with the new UI design each time it’s changed. That’s why you need to add the element of familiarity and consistency for the users, so when they visit your newly designed website, they will be able to navigate on your website easily.

One company that often does this is Microsoft with its Microsoft Office program. If you pay close attention, even though they always update their Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the elements in these three programs remain consistent. Even though the interface has changed, you know that to save a file, you can click on the diskette icon and to print you just click on the printer icon.

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