Knowing The Characteristics Of Fake Online Shop

In today’s digital era, it feels certainly very easy to do everything like shopping activities, both in the form of services and goods. Shopping can run online via the internet. The existence of e-commerce platforms makes us assisted when we want to shop for something. E-commerce is generally a company that has a business license, clear and accountable. However, due to the tight competition of e-commerce nowadays, e-commerce companies are competing to expand the scope of their business by opening businesses who want to sell on their platforms but unfortunately not all online shops can be trusted. As you find some tricks such as scannable fake id cards in traditional trading, you may also find the tricks in an online transaction.

Many players or fake online shop sellers on e-commerce sites take advantage of the opportunities. Fake online shops usually offer cheap prices and unreasonable discounts. For people who do not know and do not understand how e-commerce works, they will think this fake online shop is an official representative of large e-commerce and they will most likely be victims. Fake online shops will usually try to make their victims to transfer funds or send advances to get these cheap items.

The online shop actors will utilize the outside communication channels provided by e-commerce companies, the communication channels that will be used are communication via WhatsApp. The characteristics of fake online shops in e-commerce such as providing super cheap offers, trying to communicate outside the path that has been provided by e-commerce providers. In this case, they usually use telephone numbers or WhatsApp so that it is not known by e-commerce parties.

Furthermore, fake online shop players will ask buyers to transfer funds to fraudulent bank accounts using various reasons such as down payment or receipt. Before buying items, you are advised to be more careful by looking at sellers who do not have a reputation or reputation that is very low

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