Small Glass Bottles Can Be Utilized As Wall Decorations

Most of us choose plain colors to paint the walls of the house because that way the walls will be easier to decorate. However, in the end, we often just fill it in and frame and wall clock more often. Though you can make different things you know. Now there’s nothing wrong with using a used small glass bottle as a unique curtain. If you don’t have a used bottle as a material for your wall art, you can also buy it at a cheap price.

Don’t worry, the method is quite easy. First, open the cap of the bottle that you are going to create, then tie the mouth of the bottle with a nylon rope or chocolate rope. One nylon strap can tie 5-6 used bottles. After that, fill it with various kinds of flowers to make it look more beautiful. If you are bored, you can replace it with beach sand and some unique small shells. With this kind of wall decoration, your room will feel more natural and make you not want to leave.

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