The Importance Of Having Email In The Digital Age For Your Life

No doubt everyone who wants to do activities on the internet must have email. All social media that we use at the beginning will definitely ask to enter your email address and use the email verification service. Even the android smartphone that we just bought must use email.

The benefits of email in our daily lives are as follows:

1. Send e-mail quickly
As the name implies, email can be used for sending mail in electronic form. Of course, by using the internet. Its range is broad and can simultaneously send to many emails at the same time. Usually this is widely used by companies that have many branch offices. Besides being efficient, this method can also be done free of charge.

2. Share pictures without reducing quality
In addition to files in the form of documents, this email can attach files in the form of images. In this condition, many business actors offer their products to consumers. But usually the image attachment has a maximum limit of 10 images.

3. As a Media Promotion
Nowadays many are doing promotions via email to offer a product. No longer manually, distributing brochures or forms to provide information to the general public. Of course we must already have a database that contains a list of valid email addresses.

Again this opportunity is used by others as a business. That is, the business database contains quite a lot of email addresses. In an online business called soft marketing.

4. As Capital for social media accounts
Of course it will be very easy for us to build an online business if you have email. Starting from creating a blog to advertising our products on social media. For example, facebook, twitter, google + and many others.

From all social media that ever existed, always use email to verify information about you. Therefore email is referred to as the main capital.

Apart from the above benefits points, there are still many benefits of email for daily life. Thus the knowledge of e-mail that we can present. If you have interesting experiences about the benefits of email, please comment below !!

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