Types Of LED Lights You Can Use

Are you planning to use LED lights? Or want to buy LED lights? Well, it is better before you buy you need to know the type of LED lights so they are not wrong in buying. The types of LED lights that are on the market are very diverse given their diverse uses. For the right choice, you can ask the electrician Lexington SC. The following are some of the types of LED lights that you need to know before buying.

1. Bicolor LED
Have you ever seen lights that emit colorful lights alternately in one light? Try to observe the electronic devices or maybe on children’s electric toys. Usually, you will find a lamp that can emit light in different colors. The lamp is usually used as decoration on electronic devices or children’s toys.

2. Miniature LED
Miniature LED is probably one of the most common types of LED lights. As the name implies, this miniature LED has a tiny shape. This type of LED light is commonly used as indicator lights on cell phones. Besides being used on cellphones, miniature LEDs are also used as indicator lights on some electronic devices such as televisions, remotes, and your computer monitor screen.

3. High Power LED
As the name implies, this lamp is one type of LED lights that can emit light with the highest intensity than other types of LED lights. Usually, this type of LED light is used as lighting in the mining industry and construction projects.

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